Helping Family Investment Companies, Charitable Foundations, Private Clients & Trustees evaluate the performance of their investment managers.

Why work with us

“There are very few firms providing an independent investment consultancy service who do not also offer to manage your money, which can muddy the waters. This makes IIC highly unique and incredibly valuable.”

What we do

Performance Monitoring & Analysis

It is estimated that there are now over 500,000 families in the UK with investment portfolios of over £1m. If you are one of these, and employ an investment manager (IM) or IFA to manage this money on your behalf, the chances are that you are paying them over £10,000 pa in fees.

Are you getting value for money?

Find an investment manager

There are currently over 160 firms in the UK alone who offer investment management to private clients. This does not include the countless number of IFAs who offer investment advice. Trying to find the most appropriate investment manager for your specific needs can therefore be a daunting prospect.

We are the reliable hand in guiding you and your family through such an important decision making process.

Consultancy Services

As an independent advisor, we work together with your lawyers, accountants, trustees, and investment managers to ensure your investment portfolio is managed appropriately to meet your needs.

Director Spotlight

Read more on David's expansive 24-year career in the private client sector.

Benefits for you

Finding the right investment manager(s) for you and your family can be a daunting prospect.

The wealthiest families can afford to set up their own Family Office and employ someone to help them. For the majority though, this simply is not a viable option. If you’re in this majority, our services will help you:

Private Client Handshake

Save valuable time trying to navigate a very complex and wide-ranging industry where fees and benchmarks are often overlooked.

Save money by negotiating a reduction in the fees and charges which you would otherwise pay or are already paying

Understand the industry’s definitions of risk, and the vital part these play in structuring your portfolio and the ongoing management of it

Ask your investment manager(s) the right questions. This is not an easy task if you do not work in the investment management industry

Monitor the performance of your portfolio and the risk which your managers are taking, and make better informed decisions as a result

Benefit from David’s extensive experience in the investment management industry, knowing that IIC are not trying to sell you advice or management

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