“there are very few firms who provide an independent investment consultancy service who do not also offer to manage your money. This can muddy the waters”

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Very competitively priced. By charging a flat fee most wealthy clients could afford to use this service

For those with greater wealth it provides exceptional value for money

IIC are completely independent and have no incentive to suggest that you meet with any particular investment management firm rather than another

Because we are not offering to manage your portfolio for you, we have no incentive to find fault with your existing investment manager(s) should you already have one

As the founder of IIC, I have over 24 years experience in the wealth management industry having held senior positions at Royal Bank of Canada, Kleinwort Benson Private Bank, Schroders Private Bank, Cazenove Capital Management and Standard Life Wealth. All had very different investment styles.

Since setting up IIC, we’ve reviewed numerous portfolios ranging in size from £2m to over £100m managed by many of Europe’s leading investment managers. A number of these reviews have led clients to make substantial changes to the way in which their portfolios are managed, often without changing the managers themselves, and to the way in which their managers’ performance is measured

At IIC we may not have all the answers, but we do know the right questions to ask. If you do not work in the investment management industry this is not an easy task


Should you decide to use IIC’s service, and we hope you do, you will be responsible for all investment decisions which you make. IIC’s comments, whether written or verbal, should not be construed as us providing you with investment advice or specific investment recommendations. We are not authorised to do so and are not representing ourselves as being so. Your investment manager(s) are responsible for providing you with such advice.

People I’ve Worked With

“I have known David for over 20 years and during that time worked with him on some of my largest clients. David is well known and respected in both the investment management world and by private client advisors throughout the legal and accountancy professions”

Mike Walker

Private Client Tax Partner, KPMG 2002 – 2017

“I have known David for over 20 years and always found his views and knowledge very helpful. David is a well-known and respected figure in the investment management industry. He has an extensive network of professional connections throughout the legal, accountancy, tax and investment management fields. Very much has his hand on the pulse of what is happening.”

John MacKay

Tax Partner, EY 1998 – June 2018

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