Investment performance monitoring service

“monitoring and analysing the performance of investment managers on a like for like, risk adjusted basis”

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Investment performance monitoring service

Because we do not provide investment management on either a discretionary or advisory basis we have no incentive to find fault with your manager\’s performance . Our service is completely independent and objective.

It enables you to evaluate their performance against clear, common sense benchmarks. Rather than measuring your manager\’s performance against their peers within broad risk bands, we take a quantitative approach. This allows for managers having different house styles. We monitor and measures their returns relative to the exact level of equity risk which they’ve taken

Full review

In order to undertake a full review of your portfolio(s), and your manager’s performance, we would require historic valuation statements going back 3- 5 years, or to the date they were appointed if more recent. This need not involve you in any work. You would simply instruct your managers to provide us with this information.

Where you have appointed more than one investment manager, it is important to establish if each manager has been managing your portfolio on a similar risk basis. Often this is not the case, and makes comparing their past performance on a like for like basis almost impossible without professional help.

We would review their existing Investment Mandates and suggest changes where appropriate. Each manager would then be issued with updated Investment Mandates and benchmarks against which their ongoing performance would be assessed. IIC are pioneers in the use of bespoke, risk adjusted benchmarks for this purpose.

Following the review

Following this review, should you decide that you would like to meet one or more alternative managers, we would help you to select an appropriate number to submit outline proposals in advance of meeting you. This may include firms that you would like to consider because they have been recommended to you. Furthermore, from our knowledge of the market, we would suggest that you include a spread of firms offering different investment styles

Review and precis all written proposals and help you to shortlist those managers who will be invited to meet you and formally present their proposals

Attend the presentation meeting

Assist you in evaluating the different presentations and to fully understand each managers proposition. This is particularly important in relation to any investments being proposed that you are not familiar with (known as alternative investments)

Cost – a one off flat fee or hourly rate agreed in advance

Quarterly or monthly service


  • Monitor each manager’s performance against IIC’s easy to understand, common sense benchmarks. No investment jargon or obscure indicies, just a well known global equity index and Bank Rate plus 2% in respect of your portfolio’s other investments.
  • Help you to identify the level of risk that your manager(s) is/are taking relative to the total returns they achieve. IIC are market leaders in the use of bespoke, risk adjusted Benchmarks for this purpose.
  • Monitor the overall asset allocation and exposure to risk of your combined portfolios where more than one manager is appointed. We produce you one consolidated report each month or quarter. These contain no investment jargon, are easy to understand and provide both insight as well as oversight.
  • Assist you in having more meaningful discussions with your investment manager(s). We would be happy to attend meetings with your manager(s) if required; help you to identify any issues of concern, and ask them the appropriate questions.
  • Cost – flat fee or hourly rate agreed in advance

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