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Finding the right investment manager(s) for the specific needs of you and your family can be a daunting prospect. Why should you choose for an investment consultancy service?

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The benefits

The wealthiest families can afford to set up their own Family Office and employ someone to help them. The majority are simply not wealthy enough to make this a viable option. Our service will help you:

Save time and make better informed decisions

Save money by negotiating a reduction in the fees and charges which you would otherwise pay or are paying

Ask your investment manager(s) or IFA the right questions. This is not an easy task if you do not work in the investment management industry

Accurately monitor the performance of your portfolio and the risk which your manager(s) is/are taking

Benefit from my extensive experience of working in the investment management industry, knowing that IIC are not trying to sell you either investment advice or investment management

Better evaluate the performance of your managers. Comparing like for like performance is perhaps the hardest task all investors face.

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